9th Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2024: Pioneering the Future of Agriculture

About the Event

The 9th Taiwan Smart Agriweek, organized by My Exhibition Co., Ltd, is set to take place in the 1st Floor at prestigious TaiNEX 1.

This event stands as the largest B2B platform in Taiwan and the only one of its kind in the ASEAN region dedicated to integrating all sectors of agriculture under the themes of smart technology and sustainability.

This year's event is particularly significant as it preludes the celebratory 10th edition scheduled for the following year.

Exhibition Themes and Focus

Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2024 will showcase cutting-edge developments across multiple sectors, emphasizing the integration of technology and sustainable practices:

  • Agritech: Explore the latest in smart agricultural technologies, eco-friendly farming solutions, and the principles of an agricultural circular economy.
  • Aquaculture & Marine Fisheries: Discover advancements in aquaculture, algae cultivation, marine fisheries technologies, and the sourcing of high-quality seafood products.
  • AgriLivestock: Delve into smart livestock and poultry farming, precision nutrition, advanced feed equipment, and circular economy practices in the livestock sector. The event also covers pet food technology.
  • AgriFresh: Focus on cold chain logistics technology, fresh produce processing and handling, innovative packaging materials, and the logistics of retail and distribution.
  • AgriGreen: Learn about renewable energy technologies, carbon capture and sequestration, agricultural recycling, and carbon footprint verification (CFV) services.

Why Attend?

The Taiwan Smart Agriweek is more than just an exhibition; it is a pivotal gathering for professionals seeking to embrace and implement sustainable agricultural technologies.

As a premier international platform, it offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and expanding into new markets with the latest innovations in smart agriculture.

This event is crucial for anyone involved in the agricultural sector, from industry leaders and innovators to policy makers and researchers, who are committed to shaping the future of sustainable agriculture.

Register today to be part of Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2024, where the future of smart, sustainable agriculture comes to life. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with industry leaders and innovators at TaiNEX 1 from September 11-13, 2024.

Event Location